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demodulating data AD9361

Question asked by rjc03001 on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by larsc

Hi, I have a ASK data stream I am demodulating with FMCOMMS3 in GNU Radio and I am having some trouble getting a clean demodulated signal.  In the first photo of demodulating, both the rising and falling edges of the digital signal modulating the carrier is visible, but it looks as if the software failed to capture the magnitude for the whole period.  In the second photo, I increased the frequency of the digital signal (from about 8kHz to 9kHz) and the demodulated digital signal appears to take shape.  I measured the current consumption to the transmitter and the increase in frequency does supply more current to the transmitter, but I think it is a software signal processing issue rather than hardware, as the rising/falling edges are clearly visible in the first plot.  Any suggestions on capturing this waveform?