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SHARC 21479 Unable to linking.

Question asked by qian on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2011 by DeepV


I'm using SHARC-21479-ezkit.
I have a C++ project,Ported from the blackfin to sharc-21479.
Generated in the blackfin .Dxe file size: 9MB.  Can run.
But in the SHARC-21479 can not Linking。
[Error li1040] ".\test_sharc.ldf":247 Out of memory in output section 'seg_swco' in
processor 'p0'
        Total of 0x116de word(s) were not mapped.
For more details, see 'linker_log.xml' in the output directory.
Is there any way to solve it?