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App does not run in CCES2.1.0.

Question asked by emi.rein on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by pinaz

Hi all,


Trying to use CCES2.1.0 or CCES2.0.0 I am facing the following problem.
Import and build an arbitrary example; I took "AD1939_Block_Based_Talkthru_192KHz", amongst others.
Load the application on a board (I am using an ADSP-21469_EZKitLite), the console shows "Load complete".


But trying to run the app yields the message "A CrossCore Embedded Studio session is already running. The

active session must be terminated before launching a new session."
The console should show the message "Talkthrough is running succesfully", but that is not seen.


Also the app does not run actually, input signals are not put through the output.
When CCES is closed the app starts running correctly.
The problem is present on PC's running Windows 7 Professional as well as Windows XP Professional.
Unfortunately Processor Tools Support cannot reproduce this issue.


So my question is: is there anyone in the community who has faced the same problem with CCES2.1.0 or

CCES2.0.0 and how did you tackle it?


Thanks for your help.