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output sequence in AD9959

Question asked by LLDKong on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by LLDKong

Hi all,

  I am thinking to purchase a AD9959 for my project but I have few questions about the ability to generate the following sequence.



output a cosine wave of 3MHz for 1.3ms

wait 50us (no output)



generate a sine wave of 12MHz for 4.2ms

wait 80us



output a sine wave of 20MHz with 55 deg phase offset

wait 120us



output a sine wave of 8.5MHz with 12 deg phase offset

wait 20us then repeat above pattern forever


I used AD9910 before and it has 8 profiles to set for different output. But for AD9959, it seems there have no such profile. But it has some RU/RD mode, I  am thinking if it is possible to setup a single tone for first cosine on ramp up (amplitude step is zero, initial amp=final amp) and blank output (50us) on ramp down (with freq=0, amp=0). So the similar thing for other 4 patterns?


I am bit confusing on the time control, how can I make the output last for sometimes. Should I use external source (like micro) to control the profile pin?


There are 4 profile pins there but if I have more than 4 patterns to set. Says I put pattern 1 to profile 1, pattern 2 to profile 2, pattern 3 to profile 3, pattern 4 to profile 4; so can I set register for pattern 5 to profile 1 during pattern 3's outputting, set register for pattern 6 to profile 2 during pattern 4's outputting and so on?