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AD5676 DAC not updating until a second command is sent

Question asked by tenkai on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by msamera



I am using the AD5676 nanoDAC chip, and I am having a problem.


     - In this circuit, I have the LDAC pin tied to ground, so the input register should be transparent to the DAC register.

     - I am sending a 0x03 command to address 0x00 with a 16 bit DAC value.

     - I expect this command to get sent directly to the output dac, however upon initial transmission, nothing happens.

     - Upon sending subsequent commands, with new data, the previous value sent to the DAC will be output on the DAC pin.


I can work around this by sending two 0x03 commands (with address and data) in succession, however this takes up twice as much time for each transaction.


Are there any settings which may cause this type of behavior?
Tomorrow, when I am back at work I can use a logic analyzer to see exactly what is going on if that would help.