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ADuCM350 - Impedance Measurement Spurious Reading Spikes?

Question asked by eamonpendergast on Feb 9, 2016
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I've been evaluating the ADuCM350's impedance measurement capability by using it to measure the impedance of a device with a known impedance value. I've been comparing the ADuCM350 data against the result gained measuring the same device on an Impedance Analyser. The results on both are very similar, but the ADuCM350 has these spikes (seen below) and I was hoping to find an explanation on these - has anybody else come across something similar?


I'm using the ADuCM350's EKSP to gather data. It's a 10mV Sinusoid Range, 80Hz->2kHz Sweep, 9.6Hz increments. I've attached the data file generated by the EKSP for reference.


Anybody able to help shed some light?


ADuCM350 Impedance Spikes.png