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BF707 MUSBMHDRC controller driver with custom USB Device stack

Question asked by PavelAM on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by PavelAM

We use BF707 processor

We use custom USB Device stack to work with MUSBMHDRC controller driver from Analog Devices, which comes with CrossCore Studio.


We call ADI_MUSBMHDRC_DeviceDrvAPI.Init


Then we register following callbacks:




Then we call ADI_MUSBMHDRC_DeviceDrvAPI.Start

We call ADI_MUSBMHDRC_DeviceDrvAPI.EP_Open when we need to initialize an endoint.

We call ADI_MUSBMHDRC_DeviceDrvAPI.URB_Submit when we need to send or receive data.


We have encountered the following issue:

Device Descriptors of length greater than 64 bytes are not sent to Host.