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BF592 Multi DXE Booting Via SPI0 (& Micron M25PE20 Flash)

Question asked by kovenden on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Dear Analog,


I'm having problems getting a BF592 Multi-DXE system to work.

Custom PCB using a BF592 with a Micron M25PE20 Flash memory connected to SPI0.


We have a 2xDXE (bootloader + main program) LDR file saved at Flash address 0x00000, but using bfrom_SpiBoot() I cannot get the program to return the address of any DXE (via the BFLAG_NEXTDXE flag), or indeed boot it - the only way of successfully exiting our 'bootloader' and running the 'main' program appears to be via returning from main() (which relies on the second program sitting directly after the first in flash - meaning due to flash-sectors, we couldn't erase one program without also clearing the other)


Attached is a cut-down example project (ultimately we're wanting to position our multiple DXE's across various sectors in the flash),

which returns the following error:


"Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: 0xef0005fa

Possible reasons are:

1.An embedded breakpoint (EMUEXCPT instruction) in the code

2.A breakpoint is placed at the last instruction of a do() loop"


I've read the Hardware Reference Guide (and found several differing examples on this forum), but am clearly still missing something.

Help would be gratefully appreciated.


Many thanks,

Keith Ovenden

Senior DSP Engineer, Application Solutions (Safety and Security) Ltd