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HMC773A: Can we swap LO/IF port?

Question asked by AkiraO on Feb 8, 2016
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Can we use HMC773A by swapping LO/IF port under following condition?


For RX;

  Input RF signal : 18.5GHz, maximum 0dBm

  Input LO signal : 0.5GHz, +13dBm

  IF = 18GHz


For TX;

Input IF signal : 18GHz, maximum 0dBm

Input LO signal : 0.5GHz, +13dBm

RF = 18.5GHz


We understand it is not recommended use and you do not guarantee performance. But, could you please advide us we can do like that use? And what kind of impact to perfomances of HMC773A?


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