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ADV7181C non-standard mode FR_LL

Question asked by NoamN on Feb 8, 2016
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i'm using the ADV7181C for analog video decoding of non-standard video format. this video format is somewhat unique and i'm having problems configuring the FR_LL parameter.

Video timing parameters are:

H-Frequancy - 9.48Mhz

H sync time - 105.6nS

active - 76.8

pixel clock - 15.642


i'm using the recomeneded 28.63636 Ref clock for the decoder, which leads me to the value of 0xBD0 for the FR_LL register - only that register is 11 bits, and i need a 12 bit register. looking into AN-0978 document (which is refering to ADV7401/3) i see that the FR_LL register used to be a 12 bit register, but not on the ADV7181C.


what do you recommend? can i simply disable the Free running mode? is there a way to overcome this?

what is the recomended PRIM_MODE[3:0]/VID_STD[3:0] for this video type?