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AD9913: Datasheet Comprehension Check Request.

Question asked by CluelessNewbie on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by mcee

I need a quick "slap up the back of the head" reality check on the output signal of the AD9913 DDS chip, just to make sure I am reading the datasheet correctly.


Table 1, on page 3 of 32, in the DAC Output Characteristics section, says "AC Voltage Compliance Range" is +/- 400 mv. Am I completely off base reading this to mean that the AD9913@4.6ma can output a max of +/- 400mv (800mV peak-to-peak, +11 dDm, or 12.5 mW) when the IOUT (pin 20) and  /IOUT (pin 19) pins are differentially tied together?