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ad9467-250EBZ EVAL board, T105 with T101 and T104

Question asked by Eggert on Feb 8, 2016
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I am in the process of evaluating the AD9467-250. The board is very versatile and there are several options to test when it comes to circuit topology  for driving the inputs of the ADC.  This flexibility and parts present/not present has caused some confusion that I would like if someone could clarify, basically what topology is in play out of the box?


My issue has to do with the presence of  T105 in the schematic.  Before I start doing surgery on the board to figure out if it is in play or not, perhaps someone in the know can give me the heads up?    The reason I ask is that R131,R132,R133 and R134 (all zero ohm) don't show in the BOM list.  But at the same time there are no DNI markers on them on the schematic?


My assumption is that all three transformers/baluns are a part of the out of the box configuration but the topology (T101, T104 and T105) is unfamiliar?


Is T105 in play in the circuit or is the assumption that I should pull T101 and T104 and install R13X so I can test T105 separately as a single transformer coupling ?


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