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Asymmetric supply Amplifier

Question asked by erica on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by erica

Dear community,

I struggle to find the right amplifier for my application, mainly because it requires a high voltage (>11V) and a perfect 0V (negative supply needed).

The main specs are :

  • Unity gain stable
  • Slew rate > 500 V/us
  • Alim positive > 12 V
  • Alim negative < -1 V
  • Swing min. +11.5V

If the symmetrical supply is necessary, the AD8065 is almost good, but not enough.

If we can use a -1V / 12V supply, the AD8065 or the ADA4899 are much better and much cheaper.

The footprint also depends on this strategy.


Is there any specific amplifier which can handle -1V / +12V supplies ?

Thanks in advance.