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ADL5902 - Aging question: 0.8dB drift within 4 months.

Question asked by ilanru on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by enash


We observe in our system about 0.8 dB (30mV) drift in power within 4 months.

We suspect that the failure is due to ADL5902.

At the input of the ADL5902 is a 15dB attenuator and at the output, ADC AD7791 is connected with reference of 2.5V from ADR431 to the ADC.

We built a look up table (calibration) per unit and is burn it to an internal EEPROM. 

The environment conditions are stable, the system temperature is between 25 to 35 deg C.

We use this setup for reading LTE signals with average power at input of our circuit of +10dBm and peak to Avg, up to 10dB .

(the power input of our circuit is about of avg. +10dBm max which means an avg. of -5dBm at the input of the ADL5902 due to 15dB attenuator).

Can Analog Devices supply aging data for ADL5902?

Can Analog Devices advise anything that we can do in our side to avoid or compensate for the aging issue?

Please advise.