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ADXL375 Offset Calibration

Question asked by agh5az on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone

I'm struggling to calibrate the ADXL375 and was wondering if someone can help guide me through the calculations to acquire accurate acceleration readings.


By sending 0x01 to the Data_Format register and using the scale factor of 0.049 I obtain the following measurements when I leave the device flat on the table (with the z-axis subjected to 1g)

  • x = 0.24g
  • y = -0.34g
  • z = 1.03g

These are relatively close to they should be, but when I invert the sensor so that the z-axis should be experiencing -1g my z measurement does not adjust accordingly. Here are the following values I get when the accelerometer is inverted:

  • x = 0.20g
  • y = -0.34g
  • z = 0.15g


Why is the z-axis still reporting a positive value? As I said before, if someone can help me through the equations to calibrate the sensor, I would greatly appreciate it!