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When using Matlab for data streaming, how configure AD9361 in Matlab

Question asked by Mingming Employee on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by dpu

Dear support team,

I have successfully used Matlab to streaming data from FMCOMMS3+ZED board. I find one issue when i try to run ad9361_matlab function. All the setting which i have configure by IIO Oscilliscope software will be clear and it seems that matlab will reconfigure AD9316 with libiio.


So i check the possible code for AD9361 configuration.  I think below code is used to configure AD9361. However, even i omit these code, i can see same issue.  


input{s.in_ch_no+1} = 2.45e9;

input{s.in_ch_no+2} = 30.72e6;

input{s.in_ch_no+3} = 18.0e6;

input{s.in_ch_no+4} = 'slow_attack';

input{s.in_ch_no+5} = 0;

input{s.in_ch_no+6} = 'slow_attack';

input{s.in_ch_no+7} = 0;

input{s.in_ch_no+8} = 2.45e9;

input{s.in_ch_no+9} = 30.72e6;

input{s.in_ch_no+10} = 18.0e6;



I can see same decription for AD9361.cfg file.


ctrl_device = ad9361-phy

channel = RX_LO_FREQ,IN,out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_frequency,

channel = RX_SAMPLING_FREQ,IN,in_voltage_sampling_frequency,

channel = RX_RF_BANDWIDTH,IN,in_voltage_rf_bandwidth,

channel = RX1_GAIN_MODE,IN,in_voltage0_gain_control_mode,

channel = RX1_GAIN,IN,in_voltage0_hardwaregain,

channel = RX1_RSSI,OUT,in_voltage0_rssi,

channel = RX2_GAIN_MODE,IN,in_voltage1_gain_control_mode,

channel = RX2_GAIN,IN,in_voltage1_hardwaregain,

channel = RX2_RSSI,OUT,in_voltage1_rssi,

channel = TX_LO_FREQ,IN,out_altvoltage1_TX_LO_frequency,

channel = TX_SAMPLING_FREQ,IN,out_voltage_sampling_frequency,

channel = TX_RF_BANDWIDTH,IN,out_voltage_rf_bandwidth,


Think further for this issue, could you help give a update how to configure AD9361 in matlab and how set the TX signal (like single tone, 2 toen for DAC buffer data).