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SDR422 ADV7612, ADV7611, ADV7844, ADV7180 and all other products

Question asked by vito on Jun 26, 2011
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Q: What is the output order of ADV7612, ADV7611, ADV7844 and other parts for SDR 4:2:2



     For 16/20-bits:

     SDR422 YPbPr is output this way:

     CLK0: Y0, Cb0

     CLK1: Y1, Cr0

     CLK2: Y2, Cb2

     CLK3: Y3, Cr2

     CLK4: Y4, Cb4

     CLK5: Y5, Cr4

     And so on…


For 8/10/12-bits SDR422 LLC needs to be double frequency:

      CLK0: Y0

      CLK1: Cb0

      CLK2: Y1

      CLK3: Cr0

      CLK4 Y2

      CLK5: Cb2

      CLK6: Y3

      CLK7: Cr2         


For more - refer to Hardware User Guides and shortform datasheets.


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