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How effective can be 3-stage OPAMP solution based on AD8055 for photo diode signal detecting

Question asked by Jovan.Eps on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Jovan.Eps

Hi all,

I am currently research about VLC and I developed some photo detector solution based on 2-stage AD8055 as DIP-based 300MHz VFb OPAMP, as I needed to go far beyond ~6MHz that was proposed in solution from AD photo diode wizard,  I modify and tweak it and now it is +20MHz mid-high Vpp ready, but now I need more. Limitations are that i need to be DIP-based solution with low cost parts so I start making sketching 3-stage OPAMP solution. I would like to ask people more competent that me for suggestion before I make purchase and waste time and money, questions is it useful, what will be the issues and potential problems?

Will this proposed design work well in reality, as it is in simulators and is it possible to get it work?

Any case if you cut 3th stage you get my design for good photo-detector that works just fine, and it is for free if you just reference me


THX in advance,