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ADXL362Z-DB: how to use Gui to reduce data writes to while-movement only?

Question asked by pieter-smit on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by neilzhao

My ADXL362Z-DB rev 2.0 works fine, both real time and short run data logging, and I can see it perfect in ADXL362 DB GUI, runnig on 12.5 datalines per second, accuracy is perfect. (The drift in averige I can correct later)


But I have to use the thing in stand alone battey operation, logging during a period of one week at a time. It only has to measure and log occasional events (movements). Problem: Now it logs all the time. This way I get at least 20 million numbers in the csv. 98 % of this data is unneccesary because at those moments there is no movement to register. Xcell can't progress and graph twenty million records.


Can I expand the functionalities of the Gui to pause logging while no event?


Is there a config or init file that the GUI (Based on Labview 2010 SP1, version 10.0.1f4) uses,  that I can modify to make the logger only write to SD-card, if there is movement above a (small) treshold? Can those writings then get a (relative is OK) timestamp?


Or is there a config or init file that deactivates writing while no movement, that I can flash to the DB?


Thanks for helping me out, Pieter.