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Want ADV7604 HDMI Auto CSC to Select RGB Full Range

Question asked by laquebrada on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by laquebrada

I am having difficulties to get ADV7604 to select Full Range for an HDMI video source. For some HDMI sources it works as expected, but for others, it does not.


From the ADV760 HW Manual (Rev E) section 8.4.4 figure 63 shows Y[1:0]=00b selects RGB Mode.

Figure 67 shows Q[1:0]=01b quantization range depends on the QZERO_ITC_DIS setting, which in my case is 0.

It then shows that the ITC bit set to 1 selects RGB Full Range.


However, the ADV7604 is using RGB Limited Range for the above case.


Any idea on how to resolve this?