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Eliminating Crosstalk

Question asked by ByronS on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by ByronS

I have an application that involves the removal of one audio signal from another. I know this is often referred to as 'Source Separation', however my application is a bit different. Source Separation as I understand it involves trying to pick out one voice out of a crowded room of voices. My application involves a crosstalk situation where one audio signal (Signal A) is coupling into a lower level signal (Signal B) with little to no chance of removing the source coupling mechanism of the crosstalk.


In my application, I have easy access to Signal A that I can easily feed to a DSP along with Signal B. From what I've come to understand of SigmaStudio, this goes beyond the capability of these part(?). In theory, if the DSP could measure the level of Signal A present in Signal B, it could take an equal level inverted signal and add it back to signal B.


Is this something that could be achieved with any of the SigmaStudio parts, or any other ADI part for that matter?


Any insight would be appreciated.