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KC705-FMCOMMS1-AD9548 Configuration via Linux

Question asked by kpiterrr on Feb 4, 2016
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The AD9548 configuration is done as part of the Linux driver initialization. I'm looking the way how to modify AD9548 registers from the Linux dynamically for precise frequency adjustment.

I see devices:

# cat /proc/devices

Character devices:

  1 mem

  4 ttyS

  5 /dev/tty

  5 /dev/console

  5 /dev/ptmx

10 misc

89 i2c

90 mtd

128 ptm

136 pts

153 spi

204 ttyUL

253 bsg

254 iio


Block devices:

  1 ramdisk

259 blkext

254 xsysace



I tried create the device for write and read to i2c-spi bridge:

mknod /dev/spidev32766.2 c 153 32766

But I got an error during opening device /dev/spidev32766.2 from the user space application programm.


Do you have any solution for communication with AD ICs?