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OP2177 will be replaced with OPA2180

Question asked by power-man on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by daverowe


I want you to give us advice.

OP2177 is targetted to be replaced with competitors, OPA2180 and so on.


We try to promote ADA4077-2A. But they mentioned TCVos is worse than OP2177. They don't want to use it.

ADA4522-2 doen't seem to compete with OPA2180 bacause of pricing.


Their requirement is as below,

Pin compatible with OP2177ARMZ

MSOP: We can't promote ADA4077-2B because ADA4077-2B is only available with SO-8.

Better TCVos MAX

Power supply: +/-15V

Input signal frequency: 50kHz

Cheaper than OP2177

Ta: -5'C to 85'C Actual Ta would be up to 60'C If we can guarantee ADA4077-2A is better TCVos than OP2177 at this temp range, we may keep this biz.

Cload: 0.1uF capability