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ADXL362 - Power supply changed during operating

Question asked by eli_az on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone


We are planning to use the ADXL362 in our application.

During tests of the ADXL362 the VS and VIO voltages need to change. For example to test the self test function in a few voltages or testing the change of the supply current vs supply voltage.

We have discovered that in case of a fast change in the supply voltage from 3.5V to 2V the ADXL362 got locked, the ADXL362 returns the same value each reading.

When we changed the slew rate to 50ms/1V, this behavior not returned.

In the Data Sheet there is no description of any requirement for this slew rate.

Could you please explain this behavior ?

Thanks you,