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ADV7842 VGA Interface Auto Sync support for DCS type SYNCS

Question asked by Krishnavinod.k on Feb 3, 2016
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I am using ADV7842 VGA Interface  of ADV7842-ADV7511 Evaluation board. I am using ADV7842-VER.5.9c_AVEB.txt  Supported scripts to configure ADV7842. I am able to work with ACS  -Analog Composite Sync ,DCS  -Digital Composite Sync and DSS  -Digital Separate Sync by writing  in CP_MAP register address 0x85 with data 0x1B,0x13 and 0x0B respectively.


I am facing an issue if i configure ADV7842 VGA interface in auto sync detection mode by writing CP_MAP register 0x85 with data 0x03.

ACS and DSS are able to lock automatically for supported sources, whereas in DCS type of syncs  ADV7842 is not locking automatically.


is AutoSync mode of ADV7842 will identify DCS type of syncs for ADV7842 VGA interface?



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Krishna Vinod K