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SPItoFTDI example not working - for Steve M.

Question asked by amf on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by SteveM

The new example in SDK, SPItoFTDI, has some problems.  I bought the FTDI board the example works with (FTDI's UMFT4222EV)  and I compiled and built FTDI's C++ example that needs to run, spi_slave_test_slave_side (in Microsoft's Visual C++).  Initially, FTDI's program by itself would not run, as their latest D2xx drivers had a bug.  FTDI rebuilt their driver (attached here, it's version 2.12.14).  At least their example does not immediately crash now.  However, when I run it and then run the ADuCM350's SPItoFTDI program, while the oscilloscope traces seem to show that I've got everything wired up correctly (the ADuCM350 as the SPI master is indeed driving the SPIH's SCLK, MOSI and CS/ lines), the FTDI program does not "catch" the bytes in the two packets sent over to it from the ADuCM350.  I'm attaching copies of what the FTDI driver files look like in Device Manager, and also scope traces of the SPIH lines.  Do these traces look like what you see on your system?  Any ideas what might be wrong?