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AD9222 SPI

Question asked by dkline on Jun 24, 2011
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I'm having some trouble with using the AD9222 SPI. My setup is a folloows:

- I have an AD9222 evaluation board connected to an Altera Stratix-III development board. I designed an adapter board to interface

  between the AD9222 evaluation board HM-ZD connector and Altera's HSMC connector.

- I'm able to read all the addresses correctly listed (on pages 37-38) in the AD9222 datasheet. Meaning I can read the listed default values.

- I can write/read address 0x04 and 0x05 without any problems; however, when I try to write/read other addresses, the default value

  is returned and not the one I wrote. For example, I'll try and write 0x55 to address 0x19 (user_patt1_lsb). but will read 0x00 (default value).


  I've tried writing a 0x01 to address 0xFF (device update) but the default value is read back.


- Also, I can see the correct signals on an oscilloscope.


So, what am I doing wrong?


Please advise,thanks in advance.


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