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ADXL345-DB SD Card not working

Question asked by allanovercast on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by kanika_ssc

We just purchased an ADXL345-DB to perform some time sensitive testing and we are getting an ! Initialize Filesystem failed! error.  The SD card (8G) that came with the kit fails completely, and can not be read or reformatted on a Windows PC.  The error I get from the serial port is:

InitFs(): failed on efs_init() = -2

!!! Initialize Filesystem failed!


I found another 4G SD card, reformatted it just to be sure and it gives a different error

InitFs(): failed on efs_init() = -1

!!! Initialize Filesystem failed!


I never get the blinking green LED as the documentation indicates, just the red LED lights.  I have downloaded the firmware again thinking that it may be a firmware issue, again with no success.  Is there a known issue with this board??  I did see discussion on the list back from 2014 with similar SD card problems, but this is a brand new kit from Mouser, shipped overnight yesterday.  We are on a tight timeline to finish some testing of the 345 so any help would be helpful.



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