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AD5933 Complex Impedance

Question asked by i2cusb on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by musach

Hi all,

       I am going crazy with this AD5933 chip. Now i am measuring the impedance of a complex circuit. A parallel RLC circuit.


I am confused in designing of rfb and rcal, i know to design the rfb,rcal for resistor alone,capacitor alone and inductor alone,rc,rl.

Here for  rfb=rcal=100k,


CMIN=7.2E-11 CMAX=1.99E-11

LMIN=12.73 LMAX=0.35

Is this correct??


Is there any other formula to calculate both rfb and rcal for RLC circuit???


Now my set up is

Here i am sweeping the frequency from 10k to 100k and rfb=100k and rcal=100k

Now i am measuring R100K,C=33pF,L=2.3mH

But in inductor case L i used is 2.3mH which is out of range still i am getting perfect answer for Impedance.


So i am confused in RLC measurement range!!!!




Sony Sunny.