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ADIS16485 spi read with arm (STM32) code

Question asked by Amoo on Feb 1, 2016
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I want to transfer data between a STM32f407VG discovery (master) and a ADIS16485 (slave). I've already written a code to get the accelerometer data of my discovery board via spi and it was successfully done. then I extended the code based on ADIS16485 datasheet to obtain its data but I can't get correct data and when I watch them in debug mode, it is only 0xFFFF (for GYROs,ACCLs and PROD_D). attached you can find my code. I appreciate if you help me find the problems of the code and if there is any example code or driver, please place it here.

Note: I dont have an oscilloscope to check the signals and only debug mode of Keil is available.

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