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ADP5054 Rss setup is wrong

Question asked by GuenterL Employee on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by GuenterL

1) My requirements are 1.2V @ 8A and 3.3V @ 3A with 12V input

2) I selected the ADP5054 and downloaded ADP505x_buckdesigner_release.xlsm tool

3) Set up channels 1 & 2 for parallel 1.2V @ 8A

4) Set up channels 3 & 4 for parallel 3.3V @ 3A

5) Set Advance Settings Half Frequency for all 4 channels, rest at defaults

6) Submit and ran.

7) I get the following warning,

   "Rss setup is wrong.....Please check page 20.....Softstart was set 2 ms"

8) I clicked though the warnings and final result shows no errors or warnings and appears to have valid component selections


Does this "Rss setup is wrong" message imply

A) The ADP5054 can not be setup for this configuration at all


B) The tool selects the correct components except for the CFG pin and I need to refer back to the data sheet for the correct CFG setup.