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adau1761 capture sound from I2S to DSP

Question asked by arm_dev on Feb 1, 2016
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I try to pass audio from linux (I2S) via DSP adau1761 to speaker. In the Alsamixer we have switch DAC play, where I can choose input for DAC (from I2S or from DSP (AIFIN/DSP)). I made simple demo file in SigmaStudio with tone signal. When I loaded it, and switch from AIFIN to DSP, I listen that tone.


Q1: This DAC play- where can I find it in the SigmaStudio? Or this switch only for Alsamixer?

Q2: How can I  pass audio from linux (I2S) via DSP adau1761? I made equal scheme for an eval board, and it work on the eval board correct (capture I2S sound, transfer via DSP, out to speaker). But I can't to repeat it on the Linux board.


If need more details, aks me.