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AD9361-SPI configuration

Question asked by ShayB on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by tlili

Hi everyone.


I tried to write to write a value to to some spi register and then read it by the  spi interface at the AD9361 Reference Manual, with a verilog code but unfortunately it did not work out.


I created a 12.5Mhz clock,defined  enable, spi_out ,spi_in and resetb lines.


I am using MicroZed with FMC carrier.


Can someone tell my what are the steps to do it right?

Am I missing something (some specific register to configure maybe) ?

Is it possible that I need to give a delay time between the instruction word I write to the AD9361 (on the spi_out line) to the info that is sent out to me (on the spi_in line) while reading data ? (around 55 us)


Thank you from advence.