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CCES SC58x linking noos libraries

Question asked by tcmichals on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Kader.M

The goal is to use a different RTOS for the ARM and SHARC+ and still use LwIP for the ARM/Ethernet driver

  1. The plugin for LwIP is only for ucOS-III, is there a way to use the plugin but configure to point to the different lwip library?
  2. The plugin to create a project with no RTOS links in the noos libraries some how,  but looking Tool Settings->Linker for each it does not have a library listed...  there should be a link to libosal.a?


for the ARM:

-mproc=ADSP-SC589 -msi-revision=0.1 -Wl,--gc-sections -mdebug-libs -lm


For the SHARC+

-proc ADSP-SC589 -si-revision 0.1 -TC:/Users/tcmichals/cces/2.1.0/exampleWithoutRTOS_Core1/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -no-mem -LC:/Users//cces/2.1.0/exampleWithoutRTOS_Core1/Debug/system/startup_ldf -flags-link -MDCORE1,-MDOTHERCORE,-MDDEBUG -add-debug-libpaths


When debugging a project the noos library is called because the debugger dumps this when calling a adi_osal_X function

Can't find a source file at "C:\Jenkins\workspace\OSAL no-OS CCES 2.1.0\noos\scripts\temp\OSAL_temp_Sources_Checkout\noos\osal\Ports\ARM-Cortex-A5\CCES\adi_osal_noos_arch_c.c"

Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.


3. Single stepping into a adi_osal_x function does not provide source debug, even with the project is set for debug, does the libosal.a have symbols?


I loaded the libosalsc589_noos_none project and rebuilt it with debug symbols, but the app still done not link with it:

'Copy library to the MT folder'

copy ..\..\Build\sc589_rev_none\debug\libosal.a ..\..\Build\sc589_rev_none_mt\debug


How do you configure a project to use the debug version of libosal.a?