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AD9910 Power Supply Sensativity

Question asked by SmartChow on Jan 28, 2016
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My group and I have been experimenting with the AD9910 evaluation boards to use in our atomic physics experiments to modulated lasers. A few days ago, upon power up of one of boards we noticed a significantly higher current draw. This board we had just modified to allow it to run synchronously with another AD9910. We got high current draw from the DVDD I/O. I assume the chip has some sort of short and is now useless. I don't believe the modifications could have caused this since the other boards we modified seem to still be functioning. All the power connections were properly done as well. I decided to check the power supply for its transient start-up. I noticed a small negative voltage (~0.5V) on the oscilloscope. I am wondering if this repeated small negative voltage could have caused some damage? Has anyone else experienced something like this from power ups? This board was used for about 6 months. Maybe this is the lifetime of one of these boards? Can anyone suggest why this board shorted? From everything we have checked we can't determine what might have happpened.