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Inquiry of ADP505X Design Tool

Question asked by jhshin on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by jespirit

My customer is trying to use the ADP5054 to the following conditions:
Vin : 12V
VOUT1 : 5V / 3.5A
VOUT2 : 3.3V / 3.5A
VOUT3+4 in Parallel : 2.65V / 2.8A

Ambient Temp(Max) : 60 degC


So, she worked design simulation using ADP505x_BuckDesigner excel file for above conditions.
But, the following error message occurred.

I think that the above conditions have sufficient margin than ADP5054 full current.

But, design tool simulation result is not.


Pls tell me the error cause and solutions

Is ADP5054 impossible to use the above conditions?


Thanks in advance.