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BF609 Wake up from Hibernate

Question asked by jihen on Jan 28, 2016
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I have a BF609 customized board.

When my board enters to hibernate, the only wakeup source is CAN Rx.

My customized board enters correctly to Hibernate. the pin SYS_EXTWAKE is low.

When it receives a CAN message, the SYS_EXTWAKE becomes high.

But the processor doesn't wakeup.

We have oneHW difference between our customized board and the Bf609 EZ-kit which is the pin SYS_PWRGD (not possible to made HW modification at this stage). This pin is poll-up in the Ez-kit but it is not connected in our board.

In the HW reference manual, you have this paragraph :

"It is the user's responsibility to then signal the DPM through software (the DPM power good counter in the DPM_PGCNTR register) or hardware (the SYS_PWRGD signal) that it is safe to begin the boot process. Note that the DPM does not start the boot process until SYS_PWRGD is asserted and the DPM_PGCNTR.CNT value is expired."

Then DPM does not start the boot process until SYS_PWRGD is asserted. Could we bypass this condition by software?

Where can I found the code that tests for the expiration of DPM_PGCNTR.CNT value?