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CLDP uemu error

Question asked by Jeroen_ on Jan 27, 2016
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I'm trying to program a BF514F with the cldp of CCES 2.1.0.


In the command prompt I use the following command:

c:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.1.0>cldp -proc ADSP-BF514 -emu 100

b -driver C:\Users\User\Desktop\Project\BF512_14F_FlashDriverV2_00.dxe -cmd prog

-erase affected -format hex -file C:\Users\Jebe\Desktop\Project\TestProject.ld


Error: unknown option ûemu


But it returns the error: "unknown option ûemu".


Normally I program the BF514F with the flash programmer utility of VisualDSP++. That is going fine. I used here for the cldp the same .dxe and .ldr files as in VisualDSP++.

I have installed CCES 2.1.0 with a evaluation license.

The ICE-100B and BF514F are connected to the pc and the ICE-100b is connected to the BF514F. (This setup is working with VisualDSP++) 


Are there any suggestions how to solve this error?

Can I use the same .dxe and .ldr files for the cldp as I used in VisualDSP++?


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