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ADV 7611 - No I2C communication possible

Question asked by MichaLabitzke on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by MichaLabitzke

Hello Community,


I have designed a PCB with 2 ADV7611 on it.

I'm using a Linux Client to do the I2C communication (i2ctools), but I can neither find a device on address 0x9A nor on 0x98.

All voltages (CVDD, TVDD, DVDDIO, DVDD, PVDD) are meassured correctly and also the groundplane is connected.


I'm using ONE XCO with 28,63636 MHz for BOTH ADV7611 to keep them in sync.

Could there be something with the Resetline?

I have tried it with 10k Pullup to 3V3 and without. Still no I2C.


Any hints or thought for further debugging?


Thank you very much in advance