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ADAU1442: serial audio input clock settings in the Sigma studio

Question asked by Semi_Tehrani on Jan 27, 2016

Hi all,

I’ve got a set up which DSP (ADAU1442) is connected to ADC (PCM4202) , SRC (SRC4382), Lip sycn (TPA5050). 


With below register settings, all audio types pass to the out put serial data based on my source management DSP parameters.

ADC Serial audio to port 5 of dsp, DSP clock is slave to ADC

SRC serial audio to port 1 of dsp, DSP master clock

TPA5050 serial audio to port 0 of DSP, DSP master clock


Note: SCLK and LRCK are tied together for SRC8342 and TPA5050. ADC has separate SCLK and LRCK nets to the DSP.


Two issues:


  1. 1-      when I change the serial audio clock domain for port 0 and 1 to domain 5 (to have all the serial data on same clock domain) port 0 and 2 won’t show any audio activity inside the DSP (according to input meter).
  2. 2-      Both port 0 and 1 clock domains should set to master to start processing serial audio data inside DSP. The clocks are wired together for these ports and I thought if I set one port to be master, the other ports should process the audio?