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Problem with FIFO read in Triggered mode with ADXL362

Question asked by Henar on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Henar



we are configuring the adxl362 with the following configuration:

- THRES_ACT [codes] = 500

- TIME_ACT = 4

- THRES_INACT [codes] = 20

- TIME_INACT = 200


- FIFO in triggered mode

- range (8g), odr (400), antialiasing filter (1/2)

- Activity and inactivity interrupts enabled and in referenced mode and default working mode.

- Activity and inactivity interrupts linked to the interrupt line 1.

- Normal operation and Measurement mode.



Whenever an interrupt is received we follow the following process:

- disable interrupts in ADXL362

- read 170 samples from FIFO (only acceleration values)

- read Status register (check whether the interrupt was inactivity or activity)

- print FIFO

- enable interrupts


The problem is that when we analyse the data stored in the FIFO it is delayed with reference to the expected result (flat measurements are stored in the FIFO when an activity interrupt is detected and in the next inactivity interrupt the measurements correspond to the previous activity interrupt). We are not sure, whether we are making a mistake in the configuration of the sensor.


Thank you very much for your help.