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AD9361 TX QEC & LO leakage calibration

Question asked by CDRFT Employee on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by tlili

Hi, My friends


As we know there are BB DC offset & RF DC offset & QEC calibration for RX channel:

My 1st question is :

What's the purpose of RF DC offset calibration?

My understanding is :

Even there is some RF DC offset voltage in the RF signal chain, then after the IQ Demodulator, the DC offset be mixed to became the signal which has the same frequency of the LO signal; But it can be filter by following TIA/LPF stages, So why customer need to do the RF DC offset calibration?




My 2rd question is :

Does TX QEC calibration including the TX LO leakage calibration?


As we know. unlike the RX channel calibration, there is only a TX QEC calibration for TX channel. But we can see some offset register for TX QEC calibration, so I guess the TX QEC calibration including the TX LO leakage caklibration, and we can change the value in below register manually, to get the best TX LO leakage performance by ourself?