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AD9910 DRG and POW/ASF register

Question asked by Giomaca on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2018 by mohamed.sayed


I have used the AD9910 to generate a chirp waveform using the DRG mode and I got it. The AD9910 worked very good.


Now I need to control the phase of the chirp.

It is possible to generate a chirp waveform with a specified phase offset?

I read the AD9910 datasheet and I found that the POW (0x08) register allow to control the relative phase of the signal, but I didn't understand if this register is enabled in the DRG mode.


Furthermore, it is possible to control che amplitude of the generated chirp waveform with the ASF (0x09) register?


Can someone explain me how the POW and ASF register work?


Thank you for your help!