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BF537 Audio talkthrough in uClinux

Question asked by Antix on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Aaronwu



I am a beginner in using uClinux for blackfin. I am using the BF537 Stamp board. I have ported the uImage I downloaded from sourceforge (I also have a manually built uImage). I have used the latest 2014 version of buildroot.


I am developing an application for real-time audio filtering. So, I require an audio loopback program to run upon uClinux. I have written a library for the filters, I only need this audio loopback code. I have tried using the sport_test.c code, but It is given for AD73311 codec daughter card which I don't have. So, I tried modifying the code to run using the AD1854/AD1871 in the stamp board, but in vain. When I write configs to the sport registers nothing happens and the program gets stuck at the ioctl call to write the config values.


I need the following -

  • Configure SPORT0 registers
  • Configure DMA registers
  • Enable the ADC-DAC module (AD1854/AD1871)
  • Enable SPORT0
  • Read the incoming data from the DMA buffers
  • Enable DMA
  • Set Interrput IVR9


Moreover, It would be very helpful if I could sample codes for SPI, UART, GPIO to run on uClinux.


Thank you, and Kindly point out any mistakes. Always happy to correct myself.