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BF527 Hibernate, Wake on USB

Question asked by DaleR on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by matchaze

I am trying to determine the lowest power design  using a BF527 in hibernate mode that can wake and collect data from a USB peripheral.

1.  Can the BF527 wake from Hibernate Mode using D+ pulse detection on USB?

2.  The Hardware Manual indicates that a 32KHz clock is required for D+ pulse detection (asynchronous wake circuit), but it seems to indicate that this 32 KHz Clock is generated from the System Clock.  Isn't the SystemClock OFF during hibernation?

3.  Is the USB PHY clock required during Hibernation if wake on USB is required?

4.  If I use CLKBUF to drive USB PHY CLK, can I shut it off during Hibernate Mode?

5. If I use a 24MHz Crystal at the USB PHY CLK input, does the USB PHY oscillator keep running during Hibernation?

6.  What is the power dissipation of the BF527 in Hibernate with wake on USB enabled?