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ADV7181C-->RGB  1024x768 input to BT.656 output

Question asked by sobczakst on Jun 23, 2011
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     I am new to EngineerZone and am trying to find out how to configure the ADV7181C to receive a VGA input, with seperate HSYNC and VSYNC inputs, and convert it to the BT656 output format. In the datasheet it doesn't exactly say if it can or cannot decoded that input for this particular output. I have the long manual along with a text file with scripts. It seems none of these scripts seem to be for what I need. Do these commands need to be sent in a certain order?


Any help on this would be great.





Message was edited by: sobczakst If this RGB to BT.656 is possible, is there any loss in resolution if the RGB is 1024x768?