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Two overcurrent LEDs always ON!

Question asked by qxj on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by ACozma

Hi everyone,


I am using the Zynq Intelligent Drives Kit II (ZIDK-II). The information about the drive board is under the following link: Low Voltage Drive Board [Analog Devices Wiki]


With the hardware correctly connected, I released the Emergency Stop switch, but I didn't press the Reset switch. In this situation, LED DS1, LED DS2 and LED DS6 were ON.

Howerver, once I pressed the Reset button, besides these three LEDs, LED DS5 and LED DS6 were also ON. But these two indicated that motor 1 and motor 2 were overcurrent. While the motor spinning, both overcurrent LEDs were always being ON.


It was very strang, because I didn't connect motor 2 to the drive board.


By the way, I used a DC Power Supply for motor 1. The voltage was set to be 24 V and the maximal current was limited to 0.5 A.


Were both motors truly overcurrent?