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Does ADV7626 support 2160@30 reduced blanking video?

Question asked by Leonz on Jan 25, 2016
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We are seeing an issue with ADV7626, which the 2160@30 reduced blanking video can't be supported by ADV7626 in none-MUX mode (0x03= 0x26 in IO map), it is only supported when ADV7626 is set in MUX mode (0x03 = 0xA6). But our product has to use ADV7626 in None_MUX mode, so it is an issue to us, we hope to resolve it.  Following is the test I have done with EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board with Quantum Data 780C, the EDID was read from DELL P2415 monitor, please see attached file.


Source QD780C (HotPlug Formats: ON) -- > EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board -- > Sink QD780C ( load and set DELL EDID in its RX).

The EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board needs to set OFF with edidmgr and edidmod when it runs with the repeater app, so the original sink EDID can be passed up to source device.

We really appreciate your time and help!


Leon Zhang