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ADuC7020 Serial Download problem

Question asked by ezhu on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by MMA
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I am having problem getting the ADuC7020 to perform serial download using UART.  I believe I have properly set the processor into the serial download mode by holding the BM pin low, then reseting the processor, then releasing the BM pin to High.  After that, I sent 0x08 from the host PC, but I am not getting the ID string responded back from the processor.


I know the physical serial connection between the processor and the host PC is good and functional.  This is because I downloaded a UART firmware driver into the processor via JTAG, and this firmware driver is able to echo characters that I enter from the Host Hyperterminal.  Therefore I know my serial connection is good and functional.


After that, I set the the processor to serial download mode as described earlier.  Then I no-longer see characters echoed back to Hyper Terminal.  This suggests that I was successful in placing the processor into the serial download mode.  I also did necessary probing(i.e, probing the RESET and BM pins)  in order to make sure I did the correct steps in placing the processor into serial download mode.


Any idea why I am not getting the ID string back?  Is it because my parts are not for UART serial downloading?  How do I tell whether my parts are for UART downloading or I2C downloading, or do not support serial downloading at all?


Thank you for your inputs.