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ADC section for high speed weighing machine

Question asked by Aneespk_3066 on Jan 23, 2016

Hi All.


I am Anees PK


We have a requirement to design a high speed weighing and dispensing machine,


  1. 10 bag/1 minits (10Kg bags)- So the each bag weighing time is less than 3 sec

For this application,I have plane to use a 10Hz active analog filter (ADA4891)in front of ADC (AD7190) to reduce mechanical vibration and other noise .I have mention more details in schematic section.Or please provide any other idea to achieve this  speed Vs accuracy/resolution  Its specification are given

  • ADC-AD7190
  • Load cell excitation volatge =5V
  • Load cell output=2mV/1V,So max load cell out = 10mV
  • Gain of AD8223=11
  • Active filter - 10Hz
  • Filter Gain=0
  • ADC reference voltage = 2.5V
  • ADC PGA= 32
  • ADC SPS = 400

Request to refer the attached schematic and review the same.